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Modern business environments are increasingly complex. Ongoing digital transformation, cloud adoption and expanding supply chains have led to the proliferation of assets, services and shadow IT. This burgeoning IT estate expands your attack surface and introduces potential new risks to your organisation. Exposure like misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, overly permissive access rights, and risky user behaviour provide opportunities for attackers to bypass or abuse even the most hardened defences. 

Effective Exposure Management will help you to:

  • Understand what you need to protect and why
  • Understand who threatens you and how they do it
  • Understand which risks should be mitigated for maximum risk reduction
  • Review, validate and improve defensive capabilities
  • Quantify improvement and change in risk posture to demonstrate value


Your attack surface is dynamic, so we need to be dynamic in response. We help you identify, validate, and take prioritised action to reduce risk across your entire attack surface.

Exposure Management is challenging, security leaders must:

Expsure Mgmt

Achieve continuous visibility of your exposure.

Expsure Mgmt

Prioritise risk mitigation based on the risk to business-critical assets.

Expsure Mgmt

Continuously monitor risk exposure and validate security controls.

Expsure Mgmt

Gain visibility of your estate to discover known and unknown risks.

Expsure Mgmt

Prioritise and validate all potential attack paths and the treatment of exposure based on urgency, severity, controls, and risk.

Expsure Mgmt

Identify and detail the response and remediation options. Reduce friction in approval, implementation, and mitigation.

Exposure Management Services

We provide discovery, prioritisation, and validation of exposures through the following three core services.


Risk Based Vulnerability Management

We help you prioritise vulnerabilities so they can remediate those that pose the most risk first. 

We layer in exploitability, threat intelligence and rich organisational context to sort the non-critical from the critical. 

We help you make pragmatic decisions to make things more manageable, reduce real risk and report on meaningful metrics. 

External Attack Surface Management

We provide an external attacker’s perspective of your organisation’s attack surface. Through understanding how an attacker would target your organisation, we help you prioritise mitigation and remediation to improve your security posture.


Attack Path Reduction

We analyse your internal attack surface to identify and validate attack paths that could be leveraged by threat actors to reach their objectives. 

Our analysis enables us to determine your risk footprint and the likelihood and impact of a threat actor exploiting the identified attack paths.

We continuously run attack scenarios to identify new attack paths and validate that remediated ones no longer exist.

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