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Total threat prevention isn’t possible.

When you understand that, you can focus your mind – and your business – on becoming more agile and resilient in the face of a cyber threat.

Cyber threat management is a continuous programme that is dynamic in the face of changing threats. Understanding and embracing that is the start of a journey with Adarma that will help you raise the bar and embed cyber threat management into your organisation. The ultimate payoff will be greater security control effectiveness, business risk reduction and confidence that whatever the threat landscape throws at you, we have you covered.

How can you improve cyber threat management?

  • If you accept that a cyber-attack on your business is inevitable, you need to keep ahead of what threatens your business as both you and those threats change and evolve. By ensuring your intelligence is credible and relevant, you can start to:

    • understand the cyber threat implications of decision making
    • gain the ability to quantify and outline strategies of mitigation or elimination of unnecessary risk
    • set out clear prioritised investments.


  • Your business changes, grows and transforms at pace. Knowing what your attack surface looks like and the risk it poses is the first step. Only then can you manage any unnecessary risk and apply controls accordingly to harden your organisation in preparation for when threat reveals itself.


  • No protection is 100% effective. As threats evolve and your infrastructure changes, attackers will exploit windows of opportunity to bypass your defences. Having the ability to continuously monitor your estate, power tuned detection content and trained experts with tested skills to investigate, hunt, and respond to threats, in real-time, is key.

    This ensures that when an attack happens you can recover with speed and confidence.


Seven steps to effective cyber threat management

When you’re going somewhere, it’s useful to have a map or a guide. Our seven steps to effective cyber threat management will help your business to keep pace with threats, get your attack surface under control and embed cyber threat management throughout your business decision making.

  • Reduce the surprise element – know who, what, why and how they’ll strike. Intelligence is the foundation of every action and every decision. Make risk a calculation not a hunch.

  • Be confident you are building on sure foundations – such as password policy, limited access privileges, encryption and backups, don’t give threat actors an easy ride.

  • Build a more adaptive protection posture – continuously monitor your attack surface and improve your risk posture and protection as threats risks evolve.

  • Build a threat-led detection and response capability – threats are inevitable, so be ready to get the attackers out.

  • By understanding your threat and continuously assessing risk, your business will make better decisions supported by good investments. This will allow you to adopt a stance of continuous readiness.

  • Being aware of risk isn’t enough – everyone needs the awareness, knowledge, and skills to understand the risks of their actions. Give your business the skills to work productively, efficiently – and securely.

  • Have confidence that when needed you are ready to respond fast. Create learning opportunities and build experience through incident simulations, practice and rehearse to maintain readiness.

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