Threat Management

Cyber threats are growing in frequency and sophistication. Threat actors are motivated and well-funded, and in addition to leveraging advanced technology are also targeting your employees as a way to establish a foothold in your organisation.

Security departments and operations centres can only look for the threats they understand and expect. Ensuring that your organisation is considering the specific threat actors and the tactics, tools and procedures that would be used in potential attack scenarios is vital to preparing defensive capabilities. By combining this threat based approach with risk and compliance based inputs to the design of defensive capabilities our customers will be more cyber resilient.

Why Adarma?

At Adarma, we take a holistic approach to threat assessment and management and believe a blended approach that includes compliance, risk and threat based views is essential in order to prepare cyber defences.

Attackers are increasingly leveraging a combination of physical and cyber attack techniques. Adarma believe that organisations can better prepare their defences by considering both cyber and physical threats, and developing an integrated approach to monitoring and response. Adarma can help introduce the concept of an integrated threat assessment and management capability including the strategy, design and implementation of associated technology, people and processes.

As organisations adopt cloud services Adarma can help ensure that cloud specific threats are adequately understood and monitoring capabilities are tuned to cover these new threats.

A concise understanding of your current cyber security posture, building a strong foundation for identifying and prioritising security improvements..

Risk assessment design and execution for all programmes, initiatives, projects including cloud migrations and builds.

An assessment of your current Security Orchestration and Automation capabilities, and recommendations for a more effective SOAR strategy aligned to your wider security operations plan.

Assessment of current GRC platform, processes and strategy – workflows and logic, modules available and in use, suitability and recommendations for improvement.

Supporting customers in the establishment of an effective Threat Hunting Strategy, Framework and Implementation.

Delivering a range of services around threat modelling following best practice methodologies: Strategy, Framework, Implementation and Run.

An assessment of both platform and implemented controls for maturity alongside your
evaluation of the threat landscape – and the use cases you’ve developed to address it resulting in effective risk mitigation