Enhanced Protection

There are clear benefits to embracing a dynamic IT environment. However, the widespread use of Cloud Services, Containers, and other similar services, combined with methodologies like Agile and Dev Ops, can open your organisation to a range of complex threats.

Organisations holding high value assets or in high-risk industries face regular concerted attacks. Attackers will continually assess the security posture of the infrastructure, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Why Adarma?

We offer enhanced protection that matches these higher levels of threats, with services including Micro-segmentation and Endpoint Detection and Response. At Adarma, we assess the nature of the threats you face, deploying only the exact controls and technologies needed to protect your organisation.

Our service allows our customers to establish a baseline for permitted and controlled behaviour between application components. In modern, dynamic infrastructures being able to define which entities within the infrastructure can operate upon other entities, and with which methods, enables organisations to build dynamic detection and protection policies for critical infrastructure and applications.

We help our customers identify the relevant components in critical cloud and data centre infrastructures and map out expected behaviour between them. Customers commonly approach micro-segmentation as a monitoring-to-enforcement journey. We help our customers implement initial monitoring policies and transition to enforcement. The services we offer include:

  1. Micro-segmentation Architecture and Design
  2. Micro-segmentation Build
  3. Micro-segmentation Configure and Update

Our Endpoint Detection and Response services enable customers to rapidly interrogate their endpoints in order to detect and respond to security events. These are often combined with other services, such as SOAR, to form a more automated and scalable function.

Many security incidents are considerably more complex than a simple and immediate identification of a problem and the application of a single defensive measure. Security incidents often start with something suspicious but far from categoric.

EDR allows security teams to investigate further, gather additional information and take multiple iterative steps to understand the issue and the scope of any potential problem. Once diagnosed, it may be that several different protective measures are needed depending on the status of the endpoint. Differing software versions or application configurations may necessitate different responses across different estates of endpoints. Effective EDR enables the capability to deploy such protections.

Our services include:

  1. EDR Strategy
  2. EDR Architecture and Design
  3. EDR Implementation and Enhancement
  4. EDR Assessment and Direction

Beginning with a physical or virtual interactive workshop, we’ll develop our understanding of your business and your needs, ensuring we translate them effectively into outcomes. Then we get down to delivery – installing, onboarding and configuring Crowdstrike Falcon in your environment as determined by best practice.