Most organisations depend on highly complex and fragmented application and data infrastructures.

There is huge power and flexibility to be gained by utilising public and private clouds, data centres, containers and virtualisation, but at the cost of a level of complexity that many organisations struggle to manage and protect.

Micro-segmentation allows customers to establish a baseline for permitted and controlled behaviour between applications and components in the most critical and dynamic datacentre and cloud environments, defending against a spread of breaches.

Illumio’s micro-segmentation architecture, Adaptive Security Platform, provides all of the components and functionality needed to reduce risk in the most critical environments.

Illumio’s Virtual Enforcement Node functions as a sensing and control component, detecting policy violations and controlling enforcement points.

Illumio’s Policy Compute Engine centralises information collected across the infrastructure enabling dynamic mapping and visualisation.


Adaptive Security Platform provides real-time dependency maps, so organisations can easily visualise how components interact, and functionality to enable in-transit encryption between workloads to protect data.

Adaptive Security Platform makes it easy to create monitoring and enforcement policies through a library of segmentation policy templates and dynamic policy generations based on behaviour.