And that’s a wrap!

This week a team of 12 Adarma Splunk Enthusiasts flew to the States to take part in the largest Splunk .conf (Conference) event ever!

After spending close to 500 collective hours travelling, walking somewhere between 10-20km every day, as well as attending back-to-back educational seminars and keynotes, it’s no wonder they are looking forward to a weekend off to recharge and reflect!

Celebrating it’s 10th year, .conf was attended by 11,000 people with around 500 planned breakout sessions as well as two product keynotes and a special appearance from Mathew McConaughey. It also raised $50,000 in charitable giving.

For Adarma, not only was it hugely insightful and educational, it was also fantastic to meet so many likeminded Splunkers, end users, partners and engineers.

Adarma were also incredibly proud when three Adarma Splunk Consultants were recognised as Splunk Trust members from a total of 66 selected for 2020. The team were thanked personally for their contribution to the Splunk community and presented with their Fez’s by Doug Merritt (Splunk CEO)

Some exciting new Splunk features are mentioned below but keep an eye out for further content over the coming weeks in our blog posts and at our Edinburgh Splunk User Group…

Data Fabric Search (DFS)

Splunk DFS accelerates and streamlines the data analytics experience by quickly weaving together insights from massive datasets, living across diverse data stores, into a single view. For customers that have data living across multiple data stores, including data warehouses that aren’t Splunk-based, DFS weaves together all this data for complete visibility across the entire organisation.

Data Stream Processor(DSP)

Splunk DSP is a real-time stream processing solution that continuously collects high-velocity, high-volume data from diverse sources, turns data into valuable information or insights, and then distributes results to Splunk or other destinations typically within milliseconds. Users can deliver meaningful data and information to numerous destinations or data stores in order for analysts or other business professionals to quickly extract insights and make critical business decisions. Splunk DSP can also mask sensitive data in order to protect critical information that could impact a business.

Mission Control Beta

With Splunk Mission Control, customers gain a new, unified SOC experience that supports investigation and search across multiple on-premises and cloud-based Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security instances, ChatOps collaboration, case management and automated response, all from a common work surface. This industry-first combination helps to boost productivity and increase efficiency, particularly for customers using hybrid on-premise and cloud-based infrastructures.