Together, we work with you to design, build and manage security operations tailored to your business requirements.

We have decades of experience protecting organisations operating in complex and heavily regulated industries. During this time, we have built trusted and transparent co-managed security solutions that protect against threats, mitigate risk and deliver the return on investment and business outcomes you require to transform, innovate and grow.

  • Enhance your SOC’s capabilities with integrated threat intelligence, exposure management, and detection and response services.
  • Upgrade your infrastructure, migrate to advanced tools, or optimise existing technologies for better performance and ROI.
  • Ensure seamless data flow throughout your organisation, improving observability and reducing data costs.
  • Access a multidisciplinary team to augment your internal SOC operations.
  • Support and mature your internal staffs’ skills in exposure discovery, investigation, threat hunting, engineering, and response.

Powered by SocketTM

Socket is our powerful security operations platform that underpins our suite of managed security and managed detection and response services. With Socket, you can consolidate all your security services into a single interface, providing visibility and simplicity in managing your security needs. This advanced platform enables us to provide more than just a technical solution; it empowers us to achieve measurable programmatic outcomes for you.

By leveraging Socket, we can help you:


Understand your business context and unify security capabilities, tools, data and staff, no matter how complex the environment.


Embrace fast onboarding, automation, and smart response actions to improve security posture while reducing costs.


Report against metrics that matter to your business.

What is Managed SOC?

Our Managed SOC service provides a complete solution to enhance your organisation’s security. Tailored to your needs, it includes a suite of interoperable services such as threat intelligence, exposure management, detection, and incident response.

We meticulously plan and design the architecture of your SOC to ensure its adaptability to future changes and to address any current issues.

The service seamlessly integrates with industry-leading technologies like Microsoft XDR, Splunk, Google Chronicle and CrowdStrike. It is backed by our team of experienced professionals proficient in platform management and optimisation.

By implementing innovative data strategies, the service enables organisations to efficiently handle and analyse vast amounts of security data. Continuous refinement and evolution of processes and detection methods, coupled with flexible staffing options from our skilled UK-based SOC team, further boosts your capability to defend against evolving threats.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We manage the cybersecurity of some of the most complex and highly regulated organisations in the UK.

“Adarma’s Managed SOC service is the best I have ever seen. Adarma’s agility and the high context the team maintains sets it apart from the rest of the market… Adarma’s experience working with some of the world’s most prestigious companies and focus on SOC mean the teams have the knowledge and expertise to ensure security monitoring that is right for the client.”

– Director, FTSE 100 Luxury Goods Retailer

“The close collaboration and timely support provided by the Adarma team have been integral to the success of our working partnership. I appreciate their expertise and ability to explain things in layman’s terms; they understand our business challenges and support us with the optimal solution. They are always willing to get on a call to troubleshoot together and listen to our needs to improve their platform.”

– CISO, The Body Shop

We consider Adarma a partner, not a supplier.  Your mission to help customers, coupled with a passion for security, means we work together to address changing requirements and new challenges.  Your flexible and agile operating model means you can customise reports or make changes to the service, as and when required, this was really important to us.” – Group Information Security Officer, Novamedia

The Building Blocks of Managed SOC

  • Our team solve challenges with existing architecture and prevent future issues by designing processes, interactions, and integrations that help you achieve your desired outcomes. This may include:

    • Interaction mapping and process design 
    • Platform component design and engineering
    • Configuration and integration of third-party applications
    • Migration from legacy platforms
  • Augment your current security infrastructure and team by partnering with seasoned, platform-certified professionals to elevate security effectiveness. With extensive experience and elite technology partnerships, we specialise in leading exposure, threat intelligence, and threat detection and incident response (TDIR) technologies.

    Our expertise spans across Microsoft XDR technologies including Sentinel, Splunk SIEM, Cloud and Enterprise Crowdstrike, Google Chronicle, SentinelOne XDR, XM Cyber, Qualys, Tenable and more.

    We offer more than just basic maintenance and management services. Our assistance extends to:

    • Support in the procurement, maintenance, and licensing negotiations based on your specific needs.
    • Installation, provisioning, initial configuration, and customisation of TDIR technology. 
    • Configuration of telemetry coverage and cross-platform integrations for response and ticketing.
    • Maintenance, monitoring, and management of the platform’s health and day-to-day operation, including patching, updates, and technology maintenance.
  • Enterprises are facing an unprecedented increase in the volume of data they need to collect, analyse, and store to ensure their security. The value of that data is dynamic and can fluctuate rapidly based on changes in the threat landscape or as incidents occur.

    We can help you manage your security data by routing it, processing it, making it easily searchable and more.

    • Route data between any source and destination in the right format.
    • Route open-format data to low-cost storage, reducing storage requirements.
    • Innovative search and fast replay and retrieval for easy access when you need it. 
    • Free up ingest volume for additional data sources. 
    • Reduce vendor lock-in and increase security tooling choice. 
  • In a constantly changing threat landscape, security teams must continuously refine processes, technology, and detection strategies to adapt effectively. Our security engineering teams collaborate closely with threat hunters, threat intelligence experts, exposure analysts, and offensive security specialists to swiftly develop and deploy targeted detection solutions. This proactive approach ensures ongoing validation and refinement.

    We can assist with the following:

    • Threat-led development tuning and implementation of detection content to support new and complex use cases.
    • Development of use cases, analytics, reporting, data parsers, and API integrations.
    • Creation of new reports and dashboards in the underlying technology.
    • Management of user access to ensure compliance with security policies and maintain oversight.
  • The cybersecurity skills shortage presents a formidable challenge in recruiting, training, and retaining talent. Based in the UK, our SOC team offers supplementary support to bolster your internal operations.

    We provide a flexible approach tailored to your needs, from first-line analysts to a comprehensive 24/7 multidisciplinary team.

    Benefits include:

    • Flexible hybrid staffing options, adaptable to your unique requirements.
    • Access to skilled intelligence analysts, threat hunters, investigators, and response specialists.
    • Expertise spanning decades of experience in market-leading SIEM, EDR, VM, and SOAR technologies.

Book a consultation with one of our solutions consultants to learn more about our Managed SOC service and how it can benefit you. 

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