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Threat Intelligence Services

Everything we do is underpinned by threat intelligence, from cloud assessments to cybersecurity programme development, we proactively utilise data to hunt and investigate threat. We assume the adversary’s point of view to better protect your cyber resilience. This threat-centric approach better enables us to help you identify vulnerabilities, predict the behaviour of threat actors, and prioritise remediation.

Our Threat Intelligence platform aggregates and curates a combination of your and Adarma’s existing threat intelligence, enabling our team to assess relevancy and determine the best course of action.

Our analysts deliver purpose-driven outcomes that can be immediately actioned.

Adarma Threat Intelligence Platform

Our Threat Intelligence platform provides continuously updated intelligence on Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) curated from a global network of expertise enriched by Adarma’s threat hunting and analytical prowess.

You’ll be kept up to date with threat indicators as new threat fronts emerge globally. We provide custom feeds specific to your sector or risk concerns that complement Adarma’s recommended intelligence.

The Adarma Threat Intelligence Platform identifies and tracks the indicators of compromise that let our analysts detect threats as swiftly as possible – giving you confidence the risk to your assets is minimised.

Threat intelligence for strategic decision making

Business decisions and change come with risk. You need to ensure your security programme can support change and help the business scale and grow securely to meet customer demand.

It’s imperative that you fully understand and quantify that risk accurately so that you can put in place effective and responsive mitigation strategies and threat intelligence companies like Adarma can help with this.

Our threat intelligence services team connects threat and risk to decisions made by executives. We provide an overview of your current and projected threat landscape, the ability to model threats and understand how they impact your business risk.

We make you aware of the mitigation strategies available and help you develop the roadmap of people, processes, and technology to get there.

We also support you in communicating your security strategy and its value across your business in a language your people will understand.


Threat intelligence services for security operations and response


Security teams are still dealing with a huge number of alerts, spending time triaging and investigating false positives and trudging through an unending list of vulnerabilities and misconfigured controls.

Our team ensure you’ve got the intelligence you need at your fingertips to close gaps, cut down on false or innocuous alerts, prioritise remediation by risk, simplify and streamline incident analysis, and speed up containment and response. 

Threat intelligence services for security platforms

With the constant growth in the volume and evolution of threat, IOCs change and need ongoing updates. Ensuring your security control devices are ready for threat can seem daunting.

Our team and threat intelligence platform collects, collates, verifies, and automates threat intelligence across your security controls to ensure you are protected, alerts are more accurate, and the correct information is on hand to facilitate smarter decision making.


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Minimise the Impact of a Breach

Building an effective cybersecurity programme is a challenging and complex process that can take years to get right. It’s best achieved by breaking things into manageable segments and making sure everyone understands what to do – executives, employees, IT specialists, contractors, and suppliers.  Let’s talk.


Excellence and best practice

We strive for excellence in everything we do and in doing so we help you achieve the security outcomes you need to make a remarkable difference.

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Industry recognition

We strive for excellence in everything we do


What our clients are saying

We manage the security for some of the most complex and highly regulated organisations in the UK.

We consider Adarma a partner, not a supplier.  Your mission to help customers, coupled with a passion for security, means we work together to address changing requirements and new challenges.  Your flexible and agile operating model means you can customise reports or make changes to the service, as and when required, this was really important to us.” – Group Information Security Officer, Novamedia

“Adarma’s Managed SOC service is the best I have ever seen. Adarma’s agility and the high context the team maintains sets it apart from the rest of the market… Adarma’s experience working with some of the world’s most prestigious companies and focus on SOC mean the teams have the knowledge and expertise to ensure security monitoring that is right for the client.”

Director, FTSE 100 Luxury Goods Retailer

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