Adarma has been recognised as one of the UK channel’s most dynamic, profitable and fastest-growing firms

CRN Rising Stars 2020 explores the genetic make-up of the firms lighting up the industry with their growth and profits.

What is in the DNA of the most successful firms in our industry?

That is the key question we attempt to unravel in Rising Stars 2020, which highlights some of the most dynamic, profitable and fastest-growing resellers, MSPs and consultancies featured in CRN’s recently released VAR 350.

Rising Stars 2020, in partnership with Agilitas, highlights six small to mid-sized tech providers that are lighting up the industry with their growth and profitability.

On average, this sextet grew by 63 per cent in their most recent financial years on record and achieved average net profit margins of 9.6 per cent. This compares to 12.4 per cent growth and median net profit margins of 2.7 per cent among the wider VAR 350.

Ranging from a highly ambitious Scottish managed security services provider with its own SOC, to a Reading-based reseller that has reinvented itself as a public cloud migration specialist, beyond their buoyant financial results these firms have little in common at first glance.

But scratch beneath the surface and several shared traits emerge, not least their ability to transform themselves in line with new technology and customer buying patterns.

All six are drawn from outside the top 100 firms in our sector, as ranked in VAR 350.

The report also features a profit index profiling the 26 firms within this tier of smaller, up-and-coming outfits that achieved a double-digit net profit margin in their latest financial years on record, as well as views from two private equity bigwigs on what traits they seek out in MSP investments.

The UK channel is chock-full of fast-growing, highly profitable firms that are embracing transformative change, and we hope that this report serves to map the genetic make-up of some of its most successful protagonists.

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By Doug Woodburn, Editor, CRN

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