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Outcome-based cybersecurity assessments tailored to your needs

As security professionals we grew tired of generic assessments focusing on general global threats, vanilla best practice recommendations and unachievable target states.

At Adarma we think and work differently – we know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Instead, we work with you hand in hand to provide you with expertise in cyber threat management and keep you updated on the latest threats.

Our team of analysts deliver a range of outcome-based cybersecurity assessments tailored to your needs, with realistic, achievable, and measurable deliverables that can be actioned on immediately.

What is Included in our Cybersecurity Assessments


Vulnerability Management Assessment

Identify, prioritise, and close vulnerabilities before you become a target.

Understanding weak points and the potential ramifications of an incident are key to building a robust security programme.  

We find and repair gaps in your infrastructure before cybercriminals do.  


Endpoint Hardening

Remove the low-hanging fruit for opportunistic attackers.

Most OS security controls remain unused across many enterprises. How do these controls help or hinder in the face of a threat? How do you turn the advanced controls without any unintended impact on the operation of your organisation?

Our team help you understand the threats you face, show you what this looks like and highlight the available mitigations. We deliver outcomes that support you in making risk-based judgements on hard trade-offs between security and usability. We help you apply the appropriate control set and across your entire estate.

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Detection Assessment

Validate your security countermeasures are fit for the threat you face.

Your company, infrastructure, workforce and architecture is always changing, without strong security controls in place, this change can expose your business to new threats.

We protect you from this risk by measuring the effectiveness of controls against threats and best practice. We ensure your deployed controls are fit for purpose, efficient and ready for the challenges ahead.

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Case Management and Workflow Assessment

Assess technology people and process to improve investigation performance.

Trying to manage a security incident without the right tools can be chaotic. Gathering, analysing and consolidating information and distributing it to the right people is key to successful incident response.

We can help significantly reduce time to detection and containment by continuously gathering and analysing critical threat intelligence in a centralised way.


Platform Health Check

Ensure your security equipment is working hard for you.

Over time security platforms like SIEM, SOAR and EDR can start to deteriorate. Having the right configurations, readily available valid information and optimal data flows is vital.

Our team, armed with industry and vendor best practices, help you identify and action any technical issues that may be limiting performance.

We document our findings in a prioritised and risk-based output to help you address issues, enhance integration and optimise the performance of your security technology.


Compromise Assessment

Identify intrusions, assess risk, and respond effectively to future incidents.

Detecting when and how a system has been compromised and determining the full extent of a breach is imperative to fully remediating and ensuring the breach is contained, dealt with, and won’t resurface somewhere else.

Our team, supported by the latest threat intel and technology capability help you identify ongoing or past intrusions. We determine the scope of incidents and provide you with step-by-step actions to limit further damage and exposure. We work with you to improve your ability to respond effectively to future incidents.


Identify weaknesses, apply context, and understand the real risk

Penetration Testing & Threat Emulation

Our cybersecurity assessment team attempt to undermine your existing defences, identify possible vulnerabilities, and show you how these can be exploited before an attack occurs. We then work with you to quickly reduce the risk, minimise your attack surface, and apply mitigations to support your continued progress.

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Minimise the Impact of a Breach

Building an effective cybersecurity programme is a challenging and complex process that can take years to get right. It’s best achieved by breaking things into manageable segments and making sure everyone understands what to do – executives, employees, IT specialists, contractors, and suppliers.  Let’s talk.


Excellence and best practice

We strive for excellence in everything we do and in doing so we help you achieve the security outcomes you need to make a remarkable difference.

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Industry recognition

We strive for excellence in everything we do


What our clients are saying

We manage the security for some of the most complex and highly regulated organisations in the UK.

We consider Adarma a partner, not a supplier.  Your mission to help customers, coupled with a passion for security, means we work together to address changing requirements and new challenges.  Your flexible and agile operating model means you can customise reports or make changes to the service, as and when required, this was really important to us.” – Group Information Security Officer, Novamedia

“Adarma’s Managed SOC service is the best I have ever seen. Adarma’s agility and the high context the team maintains sets it apart from the rest of the market… Adarma’s experience working with some of the world’s most prestigious companies and focus on SOC mean the teams have the knowledge and expertise to ensure security monitoring that is right for the client.”

Director, FTSE 100 Luxury Goods Retailer

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