The future cyber landscape remains impossible to fully predict. We know that the next 12 months will continue to be challenging and that strong foundations are required to ensure that we remain resilient in an increasingly threatening world.

As the year 2018 draws to a close, the Adarma team wish you the very best for the festive season and the year to come. We want to leave you with a few of our expectations for 2019 based on our own experiences and the trends and challenges that we are seeing.

  1. The skills shortage will continue – As hackers ramp up attacks with increasingly sophisticated methods and tools that are readily available for purchase on the dark web, CISOs need all the help they can get. According to recent estimates, there will be as many as 5 million unfilled positions in the industry by 2021.
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have featured heavily in white papers, news bulletins, tech updates and keynotes across the industry this year, with efforts geared towards predicting what anomalies look like. The hype will continue but 2019 will see Automation and Orchestration delivering most real value.
  3. The value of Endpoint visibility will become more recognised – as a means for organisations to control their IT estates and address issues around poor CMDB accuracy, as well as for defending against attackers.
  4. Investment in Vulnerability Management will continue including a wider adoption of ‘virtual patching’ as vendor patching continues to take too long due to regression testing requirements.
  5. Time based security will remain relevant. Key metrics include dwell time, time to patch, and so on.
  6. Privileged Access Management will continue to be a focus, with technical exposure growing in enterprises from legacy systems. With PAM controls becoming more and more complex, vault-based solutions may struggle to keep up.
  7. In the Finance market vertical, Operational Resilience will become more crucial as pressure from the three UK regulators grows. Solving this wider problem will increasingly become a challenge for CISOs, since they usually control the main part of the organisation capable of finding a solution.
  8. The trend for outsourcing key security skills and working with managed security services providers will continue to rise. The skills shortage is impeding businesses ability to manage an increasing volume of threat.

    An organisation’s threat detection and response capabilities are critical to the integrity of data and business applications.

    Adarma are here to help you address your cybersecurity challenges in 2019. Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year,

    The Adarma Team


    Dec 18