Designing and building a modern SOC comes with common challenges

  • You have the vision of where you need to be, but you may be struggling with the resources to get it done. Technology selection, integration and configuration is tough. Continual performance and cost optimisation seems out of reach.

  • You need to be confident that when managing a security incident, your security team have the right tools, evidence and insight to ensure the right information is with the right people to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • You need to speed up the process from threat intelligence or business change to use cases, threat detection content, and digital playbook development.

    You need to continually develop, automate, test and validate coverage.

Security Operations Centre (SOC) Engineering Services

We support you to overcome these challenges and achieve your optimal cybersecurity posture. We help design, build, and integrate the Security Operations capability you need to proactively defend your business.

Our SOC engineers help:

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Architect, deploy and optimise the security technology, content and automation supporting your SOC to achieve the security outcomes you require.

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Ensure you have the correct data visibility and management driving your threat management, detection and response capabilities to provide threat coverage where it matters.

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Validate, assess, develop, and tune detection content, data parsers and playbooks based on your infrastructure and threat profile, ensuring you can effectively detect and contain would-be attacks.

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Evaluate current maturity state and operating effectiveness of your security controls to prioritise and deliver essential security improvements.

“We blend the right security technology, content and expertise together to ensure you have the protective measures in place that allows your business to grow and thrive.”

SOC Engineering Services

Our Engineers are extensively trained, certified in the technology and tools and backed up with years of experience across the most demanding industry sectors and threats. Their skills are recognised across industry groups such as MITRE ATT&CK and SplunkTrust.

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Platform Optimisation across EDR SIEM, SOAR and Workflow

Whether the need is an upgrade, migration or major transformation our SOC Engineering services architect, deploy and optimise the security detection, intelligence, response technology and platforms supporting your SOC to provide cost effective detection and timely response.

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Platform Health Check and Maintenance across EDR SIEM, SOAR

Understand whether you have the right platforms, effective integration, and performance to achieve your SOC mission.

Develop current state and future state and roadmaps to achieve you optimal capability and maturity.

Assess the performance and value of your current detection content, data and response playbooks.

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Detection and Response Engineering

We ensure you have the right data in the right place for optimal detection and enrichment. We increase the speed of delivering threat-led use cases, content, coverage and the automation that supports them.

Whether you use one or more of SIEM, XDR, EDR or point-solutions, our services define, build, and test the right content, managed within the Adarma Content Management Platform.

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