Meet the Cyber Defenders


Cian – Threat Lead and Part-time Guitar Hero

Meet Cian Heasley, Threat Team Lead at Adarma. For 10 years Cian worked as a chef at a number of Edinburgh restaurants, before choosing to pursue a degree and career in cybersecurity. Cian has been working at Adarma for over 4.5 years and progressed from a security consultant to threat team lead. He enjoys studying attackers, examining incidents, and putting customers at ease. His tip for industry newcomers? ‘Let your curiosity be a stepping stone into the industry.’


Ashleigh – Transformation Manager and Multitasker Extraordinaire

Meet Ashleigh Ross, Transformation Manager at Adarma. Ashleigh currently works in the Business Operations Team but has worked in three different departments throughout her 12 years at Adarma. Curious and creative, as a Cyber Defender, Ashleigh’s determined to protect customers from new and existing threats. She strives to deliver the best for customers.


Lilliana – Software Engineer and Dissectologist

Meet Liliana Everett, Software Engineer at Adarma. Liliana’s journey from designer to defender proves that all skills are transferrable, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. At Adarma, Liliana works on the software platform that helps engineers and analysts to be as efficient as possible. She credits the company for giving her the chance to stay curious and continue learning throughout her career. Liliana also loves how passionate her colleagues are and how committed the company is to making the cyber-space a safer place.


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