A False Sense of Cybersecurity?

How feeling safe can sabotage your business


Overconfidence might be a threat to your business.

We recently surveyed 500 senior cybersecurity professionals – and found that while most have suffered a breach, almost all felt that there were no gaps in their cybersecurity coverage.

In fact, it seems that the safer you feel, the more danger your business is in. So, how strong is your confidence? Could you unknowingly be jeopardising your business?

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Security Operations Report

Key Findings

Tool Sprawl

80% of respondents are consolidating their security technology stack.

Confidence vs. Reality

95% of UK enterprises are confident in their security control’s coverage.

AI and Automation

61% believe it could manage up to 30% of security operations in just 5 years.

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Download the Report

How to Design a Future-Ready Security Operations Centre

Staying secure, adaptable, and agile in a rapidly evolving landscape where threats are constantly mutating requires more than just keeping up – it demands a proactive threat-led approach to cyber resilience.

Our latest report lays out a detailed blueprint for building a Security Operations Centre (SOC) that tackles today’s challenges while anticipating and preparing for tomorrow’s threats.

future ready soc

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2024 Gartner® Market Guide for Co-Managed Security Monitoring Services

This Market Guide will help you understand the different services available to you, navigate different service models offered by providers and gain market recommendations for best practice.

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